Learn the art and science behind the fastest growing cosmetic trend in North America.

By balancing comprehensive demonstration with intensive hands-on training, this in-depth education is centered on building confidence and correct application skills. We offer a low student to teacher ratio ensuring the best learning experience possible The more training you have, the better equipped you will be to handle any client requests that are presented to you.
It’s a small investment to ensure you will be able to provide your clients with the best service possible.

Our training course will have you lashing with confidence,
includes two (2) full days of training including hands-on practice using live models. You will leave fully confident in your ability to apply extensions.

Luscious Lashes® Extension Training includes:

  1. Introduction and brief history of eyelash extensions.
  2. Basic eye and eyelash biology.
  3. Understanding the different phases of eyelash growth.
  4. Learning the different types of extension curls & weights.
  5. Tools used and how to manipulate the extensions.
  6. Safety and sterilization.
  7. Eyelash isolation technique (on Styrofoam head).
  8. Proper posture and hand position to limit injury.
  9. Preparing both your work area and your client.
  10. Different adhesives used. How to do a patch test.
  11. Client intake and waiver forms.
  12. How to properly size your clients' natural lashes.
  13. Proper eyelash extension application technique.
  14. How to create your frame ensuring balanced application.
  15. How to secure your client’s lower lashes.
  16. How to perform a removal and a lash fill.
  17. Practise on live models with ongoing and personalized instruction.
  18. After care.
Your eyelash extension Certification will be received once:
  • You can apply a minimum of 30 individual eyelash extensions per eye in a 2-hour period.
  • Both exams, written and practical, are completed with a passing grade.
Your Training consists of 2 full days including 6 hours on models. All for only $995.00 plus GST (5%)

Training Supplies

  • Basic Training kit to start your business is sold separately and must be purchased by all students prior training.

Luscious Lashes® Eyelash Extension Kit includes:

  1. 1 Instruction Manual
  2. 1 eyelash extension case
  3. 1 adhesive, medical grade, black, 10mm
  4. 1 gel remover, 10ml
  5. 3 Stainless steel tweezers
  6. 1 Scissors
  7. 1 crystal
  8. 1 roll of 1/2” medical-grade paper tape
  9. 1 roll of 1“ medical-grade paper tape
  10. 10 sets of anti-wrinkle gel pads
  11. 100 micro-fibre brushes (1.0mm)
  12. 100 micro-fibre brushes (2.0mm)
  13. 50 cotton applicators
  14. 30 foam applicators
  15. 40 disposable eyelash brushes
  16. 5 lash mats
  17. 1 oriental hand fan
  18. 1 eyewash irrigation solution, 4 fl. oz.
  19. 1 set of strip lashes
  20. 1 gram each of the following individual extensions (actual sizes may vary):
    • J-curl .20 x 7mm, 9mm, 11mm.
    • B-curl .20 x 7mm, 9mm, 11mm.
    • C-curl .15 x 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.
  21. All paperwork required for your business.
    • Intake 30 – 40 clients
    • Technician’s Information
    • After Care

Your eyelash kit gives you enough supplies to complete 30 - 40 clients.

Your investment is only:
$495.00 plus GST (5%) and PST (7%)

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Or just call Luscious Lashes® Inc. and speak with Cindy.

Each course along with its applicable kit must be purchased and paid in full at least one(1) full week prior to the start date of your training course.

Classes running monthly.

Next classes available are:

2020 Class Dates

Due to Covid-19, Luscious Lashes is suspending business until the pandemic ends. We can no longer ensure that our staff, clients, students and models are safe. Once a valid vaccine has been developed and administered, we will re-open for business. Until then... please stay safe.