Experience the 'Look'

Welcome to Luscious Lashes ® where it’s all about YOU and YOUR needs. All of our eyelash extensions are custom designed for Your eyes. No two people look alike but we make everyone naturally beautiful!

Experience The Quality
Upon entering Luscious Lashes, you will immediately notice that this is a store that has been designed for women. After you are checked in, you will be shown to a custom-designed chaise lounge where you will consult with your technician. Once she has learned a little more about your needs, she will make you comfortable on her massage table. You will then be offered a warm or cool neck wrap to help ease the tension out of your neck & shoulders.

Just before she begins, you technician will also offer you the ability to have moisturizing gel pads placed below both of your eyes (for a small additional charge). Now you are lulled to sleep by the sounds of custom mixed music while your technician works on your lashes. It feels like “butterflies fluttering around your eyelashes” and is very calming and relaxing. There is absolutely no pain involved in this procedure.

When you awake from your beauty rest, you will be taken into the Beauty area where you will get to experience the full impact of your new eyelashes in the lighted mirror. Every woman who leaves Luscious Lashes ® will do so looking Fabulous!

It is an exceptionally unique experience.

Luscious Lashes Promise The ‘Look’
We have 4 ‘Looks’ to choose from...

1. The Wink
    - One dozen extensions added to the outer corner of both your eyes.

2. Natural Beauty
    - Approximately 25% fuller & up to 25% longer than your natural lashes.

3. Fresh & Flirty
    - Approximately 50% fuller & up to 50% longer than your natural lashes.

4. Drama Queen
    - Approximately 75% fuller & up to 75% longer than your natural lashes.